The mountain calls

Hiking and climbing


«Most dangerous path in the world»

Climbing and hiking area El Chorro

Ten kilometers from Álora is the climbing and hiking area El Chorro with its attraction Caminito del Rey. The travel guide Lonely Planet named the dizzying King's Path, which winds through vertical rocky gorges at a height of over 100 meters, as a top attraction in 2015. The almost eight-kilometre-long path through the gorge of the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes natural landscape was once considered the “most dangerous path in the world”. It is a lot safer today. After around two and a half hours of adrenaline rush, a shuttle bus takes you back to the starting point.

Image by Carlos Cantero

Pure nature

Hiking through the karst landscape of Torcal Alto

Hiking enthusiasts will be in good hands in the karst landscape of Torcal Alto, 16 km south of Antequera. The plateau, which is around 1200 meters high, can be explored on a one-hour circular hike. In the beautiful nature park you can see animals, plants and interesting geological formations.

Image by Alejandro Luengo

Close to the animals

Walking in the Ojén eco-reserve

Ten kilometers outside of Marbella is the Ojén eco-reserve. The nature reserve is an experience for the whole family. You can bottle-feed fawns on a walk in the forest. The facility is neither a zoo nor a typical safari, but a natural shelter for the animal world with the aim of conservation and environmental education.

Image by Carl Flor

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